1st-Hole; 435-Yards; Par-4

Let us begin at the first hole and duly admire the view over the vast expanse of undulating ground that is the first and eighteenth. It is really, not a demanding drive but the ancient trees of Harpsden-Wood stand as an imposing rampart for those with a left-shot in the bag.

2nd-Hole; 158-Yards; Par-3

The second is a short hole on a plateau green; two tiers raised with bunkers resembling dragon’s nostrils fixing a threatening glance at those without enough club in hand. The slippery and sloping green will catch your attention, a substantial ridge splitting front from back.

3rd-Hole; 501-Yards; Par-5

The third is a fine sporting hole; a blind drive and chances to get home in two blows. From the tee a pair of sand hazards wait for the slicer—a grassed sighting knoll breaches the center of the hole for those long enough.

4th-Hole; 221-Yards; Par-3

Now we must change direction to a hole which sits under Lucy’s Copse. Most players will use a wooden-headed club to reach—and if they do find the green it will send a glow of satisfaction through their veins.

5th-Hole; 364-Yards; Par-4

The scorecard gives impressions of a painless short hole at five; considerably less that four hundred yards—a wide fairway partially in view. That is until we reach the putting green, a formidably sloping surface one should give the uttermost attention.

6th-Hole; 274-Yards; Par-4

Provided we do not top our tee shot into hawthorn-soldiers at six, it should be done in four shots if not a three. For those with a brave heart the green can be driven; but beware the magnet of Harpsden-Valley, forever teasing your ball to dive right.

7th-Hole; 126-Yards; Par-3

At seven we find the shortest hole, with a putting surface as generous as any. For those enticed by a back-pin there are dangers waiting; only paces wide, a devilish sand trap left and rough pits holding guard behind.

8th-Hole; 468-Yards; Par-4

We are now on the plateau at Henley and ready for a stretch of long holes. Eight—the most enduring four shot hole—long and straight it is a challenge even on transcendent days. A friendly fairway but the player who misses may have little chance of ever reaching.

9th-Hole; 530-Yards; Par-5

Even in fair conditions there are not many who will reach nine in two. But for a strong player there is a green which sits as a fortress—surrounding itself with a moat like trench. At the back of the green there is a hut, where lives homemade cakes, soups and other things; those who have made a four thoroughly deserving them.

10th-Hole; 430-Yards; Par-4

Ten should be approached warily and with a prudent shot to the left hand side of a narrowing fairway. If a player gains position and is long enough, a second is played to a slender green; which can be missed short but not left or right.

11th-Hole; 173-Yards; Par-3

There is something of a Redan green about eleven, sloping from front-right to back-left. It is a more difficult hole for the drawer than the slicer—a soft fade holding the green, a hook unlikely to. And if you do miss it is better to be short left.

12th-Hole; 427-Yards; Par-4

From the twelfth tee, hazards want the player to favor right but the boundary oaks push them back again. If both are avoided the lush velvet fairway will allow a fine second to be played to the longest of putting surfaces.

13th-Hole; 147-Yards; Par-3

The thirteenth green hides itself in a horribly attractive clump of oaks, which catch many and can prove fatal in achieving a three—correct club selection and accuracy wonderfully difficult to achieve.

14th-Hole; 493-yards; Par-5

Fourteen presents the gallant player an opportunity to steal some distance by aiming at the right side of a fairway split by more than two birch trees. If the fast lane is found, the raised green is too tempting to ignore.

15th-Hole; 384-Yards; Par-4

We are now ready for our decent into the valley of Harpsden—the tee shot having to be played at a difficult angle if we are too adventurous. Those bold enough to cut the corner will be left a short pitch to a complex rolling green.

16th-Hole; 198-Yards; Par-3

The next step down the valley to sixteen is for some, our signature hole. A shot which must be played with a long club across a deep grassed gully to a splendid green cut into the other side—a three here and you will leave inspired.

17th-Hole; 391-Yards; Par-4

Seventeen gives the player the exhilaration of driving from height, with the challenge of the hole laid out below us. There is a temptation to hit the ball too hard; the putting surface calling us to over power what is a shortish hole.

18th-Hole; 488-Yards; Par-5

Those who wish to finish with a flourish can aim at the “mayor’s office”, a flat section of fairway long and left-or even “pro’s alley” just beyond. This sets us for an aggressive second to a green close to the boundary—two well struck shots will leave us with a chance of a four, or even a treasured three.